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Nature Awareness
A Course in Perceiving from the Heart

This is a 4 week course/Circle aimed to help you (re-)awaken your nature awareness and tracking skills. This course is about how to better observe and experience nature and learning things about yourself. Awareness is not a skill that needs to be acquired. We all have the skill from birth. What you can learn though are techniques and exercises to activate and train it. You will also learn how Awareness is connected to tracking and Earth Living.

The overriding objective of this course is to help you experience more of the natural world; not with the mind but with the heart! This course is a natural first step on your discovery of the Beauty Way.

This course can also be taken as a self study course,
and as a seven day workshop at VaraVild in Idre, Sweden.

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Nine Questions, Nine Visions
Part 1: Living The Beauty Way

Nine Questions Nine Visions is the name of a series of Circles. They are different from "normal" courses in the sense that not only do I provide information to you but we all try to provide wisdom to each other. In each part we delve into a specific subject. All of these subjects have one thing in common: Connection to Self and the Earth and discovering and developing Personal Power (Medicine).

In nine separate on-line chats we will hear each others personal questions, visions and stories of what is learned from contemplating nine leading questions. Along with those leading questions I will provide you with relevant contextual information and stories based on Tracking, Earth Living and other Old Way world views, practices and philosophy. Not as skill sets or definitive lifeways but as concepts and wisdom to get inspired by and that seed our own quests and dreams. In each chat we also each share our visions and Medicine (Personal Power) regarding the trail these stories carve in front of us.

Then we can walk our trails and inspire others to find their own.

Part 1: Living The Beauty Way

“Living The Beauty Way” is the subject of the first part in the series. It is the first, because it is, in my opinion, the original foundation of the world view and way of life of mankind. This will be discussed at length but I do not want us to lose ourselves in what was. I want us to re-discover The Beauty Way in our own lives! We will do this by taking a journey together: A journey not in time but inwards, to the original self. Our goal in this part will be to discover the questions that will lead to our visions on living The Beauty Way in the here and now.

“The Beauty Way” it is just a name to describe the experiential essence of life. Living The Beauty Way means amongst other things:

  • Being centered in the now
  • Being centered in the Heart ( of Hearts, Heartspace as opposed to Headspace)
  • Being attuned (at a baseline level, trusting and harmonious attitude and presence in the local environment)
  • Having a deep natural awareness and connection to self and the natural world
  • Trusting Inner Vision (intuition)
  • Being perceiving and not judging
  • Seeking questions in stead of answers
  • Seeking enlightenment and Personal Power instead of accepting worship and Coercive Power
  • Living the Gifting Way (as opposed to the Way of Scarcity)
  • Finding yourself immersed in and mirrored by beauty instead of looking for beauty
  • Living in Balance with the Circle of Life (environment, Earth)

Next date: info@varavild.se for more info.

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