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  • Discovering Hidden Nature
    Re-establishing connection to self and the Earth

    For Old Way cultures the purpose of life is to achieve Balance, in a continual cycle of gaining and retaining harmony with the Circle of Life (environment). This is called Living The Beauty Way. Living The Beauty Way requires re-establishing our connection to the natural world, ourselves and each other. With this natural awareness we can cultivate our personal power. Personal Power leads to action rather than reaction; to gifting rather than taking; to creation rather than destruction; to perceiving rather than judging; to oneness rather than separation. In The Beauty Way you will 'become as a question' causing the tracker in you to stir, and in the tracks you will discover your Hidden Nature!

    Duration: 2 days. (variations can be ordered)
    Next date & location: info@varavild.se for more info.

  • Voices of The Track
    Introduction to aboringinal tracking

    Tracking is more than following sign on the ground. The Song of The Track consists of a collection of "voices". If we really want to learn what happened we also must learn to listen to all of them as one. This involves revitalizing our sensory and intuitive capabilities beyond what is the current norm. We also need to become centered in the now and in the Heart. In short we need to reconnect with our ancestral tracking self.

    Duration: 2 days. (variations can be ordered)
    Next date & location: info@varavild.se for more info.

  • Nature Awareness
    A Course in Perceiving from the Heart

    This is a seven day workshop aimed to help you (re-)awaken your nature awareness and tracking skills. This course is about how to better observe and experience nature and learning things about yourself. Awareness is not a skill that needs to be acquired. We all have the skill from birth. What you can learn though are techniques and exercises to activate and train it. You will also learn how Awareness is connected to tracking and Earth Living.

    The overriding objective of this course is to help you experience more of the natural world; not with the mind but with the heart! This course is a natural first step on your discovery of the Beauty Way.

    This course can also be taken as a self study course,
    and as a 4 week on-line course.

    Location: VaraVild, Idre, Sweden.
    Duration: 7 days. (variations can be ordered)
    Next date: info@varavild.se for more info.

  • Survival Tracker
    Professional Tracking

    Delve deeper into the skills and philosophy of the scout. On this course we will study and practice the main pressure release groups and I will introduce you to Energy or Spirit tracking so you will discover the vast potential of intuitive tracking. During this course we will lay the foundations for professional tracking applications such as urban, tactical, SAR and team tracking. Above all,this course is about dirt time! Lots and lots of scenarios and training, both man tracking and animal tracking. During our outings we will of course also address tracker specific survival techniques.

    While this is a course to prepare for professional tracking applications it is still based in the ways of the aboriginal tracker. Awareness and living The Beauty Way are essential to 'become as a question', the core state of any tracker. I can therefore recommend that you take part in the retreat and any of the above workshops to prepare yourself to become a Survival Tracker.

    Location: VaraVild, Idre, Sweden.
    Duration: 7 days.
    Next date: info@varavild.se for more info.

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