Corporate Retreats & Workshops

I am happy to work together with you to create unique retreats or workshops for your school, company, organisation or team.

For more information please send me an email at info@varavild.se.

  • The Beauty Way for Organisations (BW4O)
    What remains is True Purpose

    The BW4O is based on elements of Old Way Philosophy and the Beauty Way (experiential essence of life). The BW4O aims to catalyse more efficient and natural organizations, work environments, work flows and internal and external communications by envisioning the organisation as an incubator and engine of purpose and Gifting to all the Earth.

    Central to the BW4O is Awareness of impact and purpose and, also, stimulating and developing tracking and other intuitive, non conceptual thinking and creative processes.

    By relaxing coercive power structures and, instead, guiding, nurturing and harnessing the Personal Power of people within Clans (work- or taskgroups), respect, visionary and intuitive thinking, mentoring/guiding, creativity, non-human centric ethics and other aspects of Deep Ecological Awareness will become the driving force behind the success and purpose of the organisation as well as the fulfilment of its people.

    Due to the very nature of the BW4O it is a very suitable model for:

    • New visionary start-ups.
    • Organisations or departments that are heavily dependant on the output of highly creative and visionary people.
    • Charity organisations or other organisations with a very clear social, environmental or ethical purpose.
    • But truly all organisations that want to thrive and provide through natural simplicity, based on a vision of oneness, respect, responsibility and true purpose for all.

    This corporate retreat can be organised in Sweden but also, through partners, in other parts of the world. The only requirement for this retreat is accessible nature or wilderness. The level of services and facilities varies based on customer requirements.

    Contact me at info@varavild.se if you want to discuss a partnership in organising this retreat at your venue.

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